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Vancouver’s first ever Rock Festival is being held At The Venue, 881 Granville St. Vancouver B.C. November 15, 2012
Hosted and MC’d by one of Vancouver’s premiere stand up comedians, KYLE JONES
I CANT WAIT FOR THIS SHOOOOOOOW! says James McMurtrie 20/10/2012
A music video shot for local Vancouver Rock Band “Stars of Boulevard” during a recent jam session. C…

Performance of “Dropout Superhero” live….
Dead City Scandal’s (www.facebook.com/deadcityscandal) Live
Lust Boys – Hard On Love— Click on this link and Check This Out !
8pm until 2 am. This will be a Rocking show. Come a see the great Rock Bands of Vancouver. Yeah Baby !!!
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The Prudential Center in Newark just outside of New York is the lucky North American destination. Two other shows are also scheduled in London’s O2 Arena Nov. 25 and 29th.

I have been lucky to have seen Mick and the boys back in 1989, Steel Wheels, 1994 Voodoo Lounge and 1998 at Bridges To Babylon Tours. After Bassist Bill Wyman left after Steel Wheels Tour, 1992. The Stones didn’t retire. More Tours and the last in 2007 made them $500 Million Dollars.

I am greatly broken hearted they can’t come to The West Coast.  Their Tours are legendary and are great for local economies. The new age of concert organizers have the VIP Ticket sellers raking in the dough. The cost of these tickets will be prohibitive and the fact there are only 2 shows in North America just makes the Tickets unattainable for the middle class person. It will be The Elite. The rich and famous who will go to the shows.


Being on The West Coast, In Vancouver, B.C. makes going to the U.S. shows that much more impossible. I’m sure wealthy fans here will get their tickets , hotel, airfare and for them it would be a drop in the bucket.

So, Alas I say farewell to Mick and the boys. Congratulations on your 50th anniversary. I just wish I could celebrate it with you.

I still have Steel Wheels, Voodoo Lounge and Bridges To Babylon.

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Chickenfoot - Rock Candy - Vancouver



What a night, What a show. Chickenfoot at Vancouver’s Queen E Theatre. Sammy Hagar is from the famous Ronnie ‘Montrose’ band from back in 1973. Many Great Hits, a lot written by Sammy Himself. Unfortunately Ronnie Montrose passed away in March 2012. This is one of those crazy years where great rock stars are leaving us ! I often bring records to shows and 75% of the time I get them autographed. 64year old Sammy did me the honour ! Thanks Sammy, You made my Year !

Check out the finale  video. Sammy and the boys sang Rock Candy from Those MONTROSE days. Sammy Hagar dedicated it to the late Ronnie Montrose. Sammy saw me, waved me to the stage and I brought my Montrose album to Sammy and he signed it on stage. The highlight of my year! This video off YouTube caught the event. You can’t see me but the album is at my place with about 30 other autographed albums ! When he held it up the crowd ROARED !

Kenny Aronoff on Drums, Joe Satriani on Guitar and Michael Anthony on Bass, with the great front-man Sammy Hagar wild-man and lead vocals. Chickenfoot just blew me and everyone away at The Queen Elizabeth Theatre. My friend took me to the show and I thank my friend again for helping make my life a wonderful thing! Every day is an adventure !


Check out the video ! Wow what a great night !

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STONE TEMPLE PILOTS KEPT EVERYONE IN ANTICIPATION ! The Stone Temple Pilots with guests The Crash Kings and Celestial Ruin


BY PAUL FITZGERALD, photos by Paul Fitzgerald

Monday, September 17th’s show at Abbotsford’s Entertainment and Sports Centre had everyone wondering, ” are the Stone Temple Pilots going to play??” Yes they will and they did. I kept very optimistic. I had deja vu, it was GNR all over again. They were there, they played and it was fabulous !

Scott Weiland  and the Stone Temple Pilots put on a fantastic show. His voice ROCKED !

Scott Weiland and the Stone Temple Pilots put on a fantastic show. His voice ROCKED !

The Stone Temple Pilots were to be on stage at 9:15. The audience is used to possible short delays and in some instances things do happen. I was informed that they were there and they were just getting ready. No announcements were being made and many people, having  worked all day and going to work on the Tuesday, were not prepared for a late start. Unfortunately many people had to leave. But at minutes to 11pm, STP took the stage.


The crowd was great, the band INTENSE !

The show was intense, tight and the sound was incredible. Well done to the sound crew. The set started  with SIN, then Vasoline, Crackerman and Hollywood Bitch. Great music.

STP is Scott Weiland on Vocals , Eric Kretz on Drums, Dean Deleo on Guitar and Robert Deleo on Bass. Their great catalogue of hits was mostly played. They were on the stage for approximately an hour and twenty minutes. Not bad, with the three acts altogether it was a very entertaining and adventurous night. Their music is extreme Rock, which kind of reflects in the extreme controversy they seem to be in occasionally. Scott Weiland has had a colourful career. He fronted Velvet Revolver with Slash and some other members of GNR. One of those Super Groups.  Great music there too. Like GNR, with STP you have to expect sometimes things don’t happen as they should or there will be some excitement. I think that is what people come to expect from these intense artists and the artists deliver. That’s what makes enertainment. It also make for gossip and publicity. Good or bad, it’s still publicity. STP has won a Grammy for PLUSH, other awards and 3 other Grammy  nominations that I know of. We were excited that the band reunited in 2008 and has toured since. They still have a huge fan following.

It’s unfortunate that these things do happen and it reflects badly on the band. No reason was given for the delay and many speculate to why. Was it Scott? Were they late? Their next show for Tuesday, Sept. 18 was canceled in Lethbridge Alberta citing Scott’s vocal Cords were strained. I hope there was no serious problems. All I can say is The Staff at The Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre did an amazing job keeping everyone pretty much calm. A little chanting now and then but for the most part the atmosphere was good. Everyone wanted to see STP !


The Crash Kings opened for STP. Their set was powerful and entertaining.

The Crash Kings had an equally stellar set. This trio was amazing! All I kept thinking was these guys reminded me so much of RUSH but with a little different set up. They are lead Guitarless. Antonio Beliveau, the lead singer plays keyboards and VOX and his vocals are fantastic !  Michael Beliveau is bass player and Jason Morris, the  Drummer , were equally amazing. I always try to compare singers and guitar players, etc, to my Rock heroes from the 70’s or 80’s. Antonio’s voice ROCKED !

Celestial Ruin. Symphonic Metal at it’s best !They warmed up the street party goers. It was a party.

The night started with a Local Vancouver Indie band, Celestial Ruin.  Getting the crowd started at The Street Party. At 6:25pm  CR was Rocking everyone out Front. It was so good people were glued to the spots where they stood. The doors opened to let people into the arena and no one moved.

What a great set Celestial Ruin had. Larissa Dawn was amazing. She mesmerized the crowd with her angelic power vocals, Mike on the bass while Adam pounded the drums and as usual broke another and another drum stick. Nathan stroked the keys of his keyboards like caressing a beautiful woman and Yakir blew everyone away with his great guitar riffs. Everything was perfect for the opening band out at The AESC Street Party.

The night was truly entertaining. Not everyone has the same experience and at this show there definitely were some disappointed fans. I think if it was a weekend it might have been less controversial.

That’s Rock and Roll !

STP Setlist




Hollywood Bitch

Hickory Dichotomy


Still Remains

Big Empty

Between The Lines


Tumble In The Rough

Big Bang Baby

Trippin On A Hole In A Paper Heart ( Trippin)


Sex Type Thing



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Roger Hodgson Is Supertramp Smooth in The Songs of Supertramp ‘Breakfast in America’ Tour

The latest Roger Hodgson tour is as amazing as the artist himself. The artists Roger has surrounded himself  with produce the most amazing orchestra music and they are only a small Rock band.

Roger Hodgson saying Hi to the audience.

His band is an assortment of international artists of extraordinary talents.  Aaron  Macdonald is a  Master of many instruments. Saxophones, keyboards,  harmonica, and backing vocals and Kevin Adamson on keyboards and Backing Vocals , Bryan Head  on Drums and percussion and Bassist David J. Carpenter also was on backing vocals for Roger. Together the music they played of Roger’s was extraordinary.

Roger’s simple stage arrangement and lighting enhanced the music and the performers. It was not just a concert, it was an event to remember forever.

Roger on the grand piano.


I needed a sensitive, mood enhancing experience and Roger provided it. Everyone can have a different experience at an event like this. Mine was almost spiritual. The Logical Song, Fool’s Overture,  Lord is it Mine and the opening song, Take The Long way home are some of those mood songs. How many times I needed a relaxing moment and put on one of my vinyl Supertramp albums. It just sent me to the place I needed to go.

Roger gave me a smile and I felt his true generosity and love for his craft at this  moment. This was during the song ‘Give a Little Bit’. We were invited to the stage and I was fortunate to get this great picture.  I was so moved by this show. His music is the work of true passion. A Loving, caring and sensitive genius  !

Another artist to check off my Bucket list. I was so fortunate to have a ticket available the day before the show. Thank-you to all at The River Rock. You see my disability and go out of your way to assist me. Yes, The setlist was another treasure I will keep and gets added to the museum collection.

The show’s finale. So Long Roger, until next time. Take the long way home.

Roger’s Setlist:

Take The Long Way Home


In Jeopardy

Lovers In The Wind

Hide In Your Shell

Puppet Dance

Sister Moonshine

Breakfast In America


Along Came Mary

The Logical Song

Death And A Zoo

If Everyone Was Listening

Child Of Vision

Lord Is It Mine

C’est le Bon / Quietest Moments ( Don’t leave me Now )


Fool’s Overture


Two Of Us

Give a Little Bit

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Hi Everyone. You have had to have seen some of it LIVE, as it happened.

What an amazing event. I have to spend a lot of time resting, and what a great event to watch. Our great Canada finished a lucky 13th with 18 medals total. Hats off to all those who participated and competed. As an athlete myself who has vowed to get back on those ski hills and get back to what I loved to do before getting poisoned with hydrogen sulphide gas in a workplace accident two years ago. I once raced 10 speed bikes when I was in The Canadian Navy, I finished 12th in Puerto Rico 1985. I was once a body builder, Ocean kayaker and mountain biker. I did the Moutain bike and kayak in one day and vowed to do the triple, sea to sky, Sea kayak, Mountain bike and then downhill ski. I’m not dead yet and neither are our great National athletes. I will finish what I have not done yet. Our athletes will win the podium in 2016 !

The next 31st Olympiad is in Brazil. We will Kick Butt.

I didn’t mention the 2012 Olympics in my Blog for fear the Olympic Media Police would get me. It’s over and I want to congratulate all the athletes from everywhere ! That should not be a crime, right ? It’s the biggest LIVE event in the world ! Thank-you 2012 Olympic Committee. It was incredible that so many Olympic and World Records were broken !

I give a great WELL DONE to every athlete who competed from all 204 countries from around the world. KUDOs to Great Britain for putting on a fabulous games. See that closing ceremony ! You Have to See it LIve to get the whole experience but seeing it on Television gives me that desire to want to one day ! We had the Winter Olympics here in 2010 and I was able to ski at Cypress Mountain just weeks before the event. Little did I know that would be my last ski season. Oct. 25, 2010 I was injured and have not returned to the mountain. My health is still in decline. It has to turn around. It still has not been two years yet. I will survive. I can write this while lying in bed.  I have been almost unable to walk for several days now. It comes and goes, good days and bad ones.

Our Athletes gave it all they had. They are my inspiration and the stellar Rock and Roll Finale is just the extra inspiration I need too.

Have a safe journey home everyone.  All Canadians are proud of You !

Well Done World and Well done Canada !

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Rock The Peach’s First annual Music Festival will go down in Penticton British Columbia’s history as a stellar event of fantastic Artists, fun entertainment for everyone, great hosts, and super organization.
I didn’t see anyone not having a great time. iRock Entertainment Producer Willi Jahnke got it right appealing to the vast demographic of the festival goers. The main entertainment artists spanned the last five decades.
The music festival opened Friday with the Battle To Rock The Peach contest winners The Malibu Knights on the Freestone stage. An incredible Indie Band out of Kelowna, B.C. with special guest Devon Coyote. Not exactly novices having been touring for at least three years and hundreds of shows, The Malibu Knights will be a group we will definitely hear more of ! The Steadies, also a great Canadian Act, Grooved the crowd and put on an amazing show, I can only tell you how great these acts are. You have to see them LIVE.Earl Pereira was originally from Wide Mouth mason and he has brought his groove to a new audience. Next a band from Vancouver Island, Jets Overhead were a last minute replacement for Treble charger. What a fun and entertaining group. They did meet and greets.
The headliners for Friday was Collective Soul a Southern Rock band out of Atlanta Georgia U.S.A. Amazing talent, Collective Soul is one of my all time favorites. Ed Roland’s and Collective Soul’s music is destined to be longtime classics. All were on The Freestone Stage.
Saturday had another epic line up of great talent. Good for Grapes performed on the Redhaven Stage. Andrew Allen was great on the Freestone stage and back over to Redhaven for fun country, rockabilly artist Ridley Bent, This band was a lot of fun to see and hear.
Three great acts from the 1960’s, 1970’s and then a jump to 2000.
Three Dog Night, War and then Headliners The Sam Roberts Band. Music for everyone. Three Dog Night’s performance was that of a group of Veteran artists that literally blew us away. They sang a new song a capella called Prayer and we were floored by the performance. Cory Wells and Danny Hutton’s vocals are still amazing. All their great hits from 1969 through the 1970’s and newer ones were played for a very appreciative audience. Three Dog Night have almost all their original members.
WAR with original keyboardist Lonnie Jordan is keeping WAR alive and their great hits Cisco Kid, Low Rider and Why Can’t We Be Friends. These are more timeless classics. Keep it Alive Lonnie ! Grooving to that Soul, Funk and  Jazz hits from the 1970’s . We had a Blast !
Headliners The Sam Roberts Band with more family friendly groove , happy Rock Tunes is today one of Canada’s top artists. Sam has stellar talent and sings beautifully. The younger crowd of teens and twenty-somethings love Sam Roberts but his music is appealing to everyone and the fans of Three Dog Night and WAR were there to enjoy it. We let the younger kids up front. It was fun just watching them. Sam Came out after and signed his vinyl record cover for me. Lonnie Jordan from WAR autographed one and Michael Allsup from Three Dog Night did too. Thank-you.
Sunday’s line-up was as stellar as the first two days. Free City Collective, fun younger appealing music, then another favorite of mine, Blackie and The Rodeo Kings entertained us wildly. This band with the three main artists do a Country- Rock show that is for everyone! Thanks , the meet and greet was a blast! Walk Off The Earth is famous for their You Tube song where they all play one guitar. An amazing fun band, again for all ages. One band Close to my heart because I’m a Veteran, Is Glass Tiger. Amazing show and their song The Thin Red Line always moves me. Again, thanks for the autographs everyone! Jesse Cook and his band played an amazing style of World Music. Jesse from Toronto is backed by a mostly Central and South American group of amazing artists. ‘ The Rumba Foundation’ his latest album is excellent and the music got everyone dancing.
Top Billing was Ronnie Dunn of Brooks and Dunn Fame. WOW  ‘A Cowboy in and Rock and Roll Band‘. Again the audience was up dancing and having the best time ever. Ronnie and his band were fantastic! He has a  super light show,  cool videos and the finale was over the top with the blanket of streamers. No meet and greet but the show was epic ! Thanks Ronnie.
Fringe Festival Players, Kumbana Band, The Myth Maker troupe, Adam Fitzpatrick, Super Elvis impersonator,  dancers and all kinds of friendly hosts and greeters. RCMP on site with a great security company too to help. All were so friendly and helpful.  Special thanks to all the volunteers too.  I would say an absolute success. We had an incredibly great time .
Thanks to all the organizers, volunteers, the Vendors , Sponsors , On and ON the Thank you list goes out.
A Stellar Weekend of fun. You have to Experience it LIVE !
Paul Fitzgerald
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Day 2 @ Rock The Peach Had Everyone Of All Ages Entertained. Music, Circus Like Performers, Great Hosts and The Weather Cooperated Too

Huge KUDOS to The Rock The Peach organizers. The contingent of staff and volunteers, security and all the vendors have been super helpful, polite and kept the whole show moving smoothly. The little hiccups of weather and schedule changes have not led to any major setbacks or problems. The audience has been truly fantastic. Everyone is having a great time.

The cool sign above the entrance gate. Photo by Heather  MacWilliam.

Last night Sam Roberts Band headlined with War, Three Dog Night, and Andrew Allen. All performed on the Freestone Main Stage with Ridley Bent and Good For Grapes on the secondary  Redhaven stage.  Unfortunately My rest schedule did not permit me to see Good For Grapes  and Andrew Allen but Ridley Bent and his band were fabulous. His style, which I will call Post BabyBoomer Country is very appealing to a younger grooving style of music. This new style is appealling to those who love Blues and Rockabilly styles. It allows you to get up and dance and has people of all ages enjoying what is being performed.

Sam Roberts is a great artist and performer. Photo by Heather MacWilliam.

With WAR and Three Dog Night it appealed to that 1960’s and 70’s demographic. Three Dog Night has a huge library of great Rhythm and Blues hits where WAR has the Funk and Soul Music. There was music for everyone who grew up in the 1960’s and 1970’s and later the 1990’s on…..

The highlight of Three Dog Night was the new song they performed for the Encore. Just called ‘Prayer’ it’s for the Children of War- all, everywhere and ongoing. It ripped through my soul. The members of Three Dog Night performed this a cappella. It was a performance only true veteran artists are ever to accomplish in their lifetime. It literally left the audience speachless. I hope they read this and really get the feeling of how this song moved everyone. Go to their website. They said their music is being available at 99 cents a download. When the new album is available , I’m gettting it.!

Sam Roberts Band had their first album come out in 2001 and appealed to a younger crowd. Their style is a groove , happy melodic and at sometimes Reggae feel to it  and has numerous themes of Peace, Love and anti war which also appealed to the fans of 60’s and 70’s music. We were up front for Sam Roberts but moved back to let the younger crowd get up close and personal to his band. Wow, I felt a little old there but I love their music too. We weren’t alone, A lot of the audience who came for WAR and Three Dog Night stayed for Sam Roberts also.


You have to have the Pulled Pork, Pizza, Ice cream, Chicken Lips and  Donairs. All kinds of food and too many to mention. Vendors selling cool clothes and all kinds of stuff for a festival. Kids performers, break dancers and just something for everyone.

The swag tent allows the artists to sell their souvenirs and has tables for a meet and greet area to get pictures taken and autographs signed. There is an adjoining tent for the Rock The Peach Swag. Very well organized, well staffed and everyone is friendly and helpful.

The organizers did a great job getting an assortment of epic talented artists . Everyone was having such a good time. The Bands too. The sets seemed short, an hour and a half for the longest, and more than one band wanted to play more but put on such great shows in appreciation of the great audiences they had. Way to go Rock The Peach !

I have many people come and ask me about the record albums I bring. I have been very successful with autographs too. Ridley Bent on his CD.  Lonnie from War, Michael from Three Dog Night and Sam Roberts all on Vinly record covers. Thanks. It is that much more special.

One patron summed up the joy of an old record as a friend when your real friends can’t be there for you. You pull out that old record, listen to it, relive those great memories while looking at the artistry and detail of the album cover itself. It’s part of the experience. Thanks Cheryl.

” It’s not what you take with you when your gone, it’s your legacy that you leave behind !” I think all artists have this philosphy. It’s a part of them they share to the world. It’s a joy to receive. Thank-you

I’m having trouble uploading pictures today. Will get back soon. The important thing is to get my thoughts down.

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Hi Everyone.

Well we made it to Rock The Peach Music Festival.

The organizers have done a stellar job in this EPIC event! The First night was an overwhelming success!

Indie Band The Malibu Knights opened the Rock Festival with an amazing set and managed to get it in before the heavens opened up and let us have it.

Opening act, The Malibu Knights ! Special guest Devon Coyote, on the left, joined them for their set. These guys are fantastic. Great Rock and Roll Baby! You Have To See It LIve !

The Knights won the contest for the opening act. They ROCK ! They also were in the top 20 bands in Vancouver’s CFOX SEEDS 2012 Competition. Well Done !

There was a thunderstorm which hit just after the Knights left the stage. It was raining  halfway through the set and the crowd braved the rain. But , WOW, the skies literally opened up after they had finished. We had to go dry out, rest and missed The Steadies. They have an impressive resume already with Earl Pereira, one of the founding members of Wide Mouth Mason. It’s a group I love ! They already have 3 Juno nominations and 2 gold records ! Well Done Steadies ! This Canadian Band is another great act and I wish I had not been to overcome, dizzy, wet and fatigued to miss them .

Jets Overhead. Fun energetic music. Everone had fun with these five performing. Great entertainment for the whole family. Wow, everyday I’m just overwhelmed with the stellar talent here in B.C. Canada.

We did however after a much needed rest make it back to see Jets Overhead . A Victoria B.C. Band that had everyone of all ages up and grooving! Fun, happy music. Just what we needed and a great opener for Atlanta Georgia’s  Collective Soul.

Collective Soul partied until just after the curfew. At 11pm sound is to go off but they did not get the plug pulled like Sir Paul McCartney’s and Bruce  Springsteen’s show in London. They were able to finish their set. They were just warmed up and wanted to play more but we were very happy to have them perform. What an amazing show. Almost an hour and a half. Gel, Shine, Better Now, Precious Declaration, all their hits were played.

Southern Rock Band Collective Soul was The opening night Headliner ! What a great show. Thousands showed up to see them perform. The audience was fantastic. This night is a great success ! Way to go Rock The Peach !

Ed Roland’s voice is stellar. Every song they played is a great hit. These guys ROCK !

Because of the weather things were behind schedule. Can’t control the weather. No more rain this weekend. Just Sun, Fun and Rock The Peach. Yeah Baby, You Have to see Them Live !

Today, Three Dog Night, WAR and The Sam Roberts Band. Rock and Roll ! Lots of room so get to Penticton. Two days left of great events and Rock and Roll.

I try my best to edit.  Being disabled I can’t believe what I write sometimes. Really, it’s an adventure to go back and see. Please enjoy. I get a good laugh ! I hope you do too ! Really Fridat ?? It’s fixed now.

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