Treat Artists With Respect! Artists,Treat Fans with Respect Too .

I have been inundated with emails from irate fans and irate artists. Fans upset with rules and being left dissatisfied and artists who have been left out, let down and not paid for their performances.

I tell you the cost of these events now has gotten out of control. The pre sales and pre-pre-sales and ridiculous series of VIP levels has grown equally out of control. I’m feeling that the fan has come to a wall and the industry can’t sustain the high cost for the tickets any longer. Doesn’t it make sense to sell out than have half the arena empty?

I write reviews of my experiences. I am greatly disappointed when I hear of artists not being paid for their efforts and I can understand a fan’s frustrations when Artists’ do  not perform up to someones expectations.

I enjoy everyday I’m alive. You really do not want to hear all my troubles.  I write of my experiences and I do not go to a lot of shows because it just costs too much and my health won’t let me. Here on the west coast there are shows almost every day, It’s crazy ! I need someone to Take me to shows.

I am making an appeal to all those artists and organizers out there to be fair, play straight and if there are disappointed fans or an event goes so bad as some we know that turned into a riot, please people we must learn from our mistakes. Try to make it up some how.  There are a few bands out there I know who have been stiffed by organizers and if the industry is to survive this has got to stop. Artists do your best to please your fans, they are who got you where you are today. The old saying, ” If It Wasn’t For The fan, We Wouldn’t be here Today” Right?

All I can do is appeal to people’s conscience and hope they do the right thing. There is too much negativity in the world today.

Everyday is an Adventure ! Life is Too Short ! Really.


Paul Fitzgerald



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