Hi Everyone. You have had to have seen some of it LIVE, as it happened.

What an amazing event. I have to spend a lot of time resting, and what a great event to watch. Our great Canada finished a lucky 13th with 18 medals total. Hats off to all those who participated and competed. As an athlete myself who has vowed to get back on those ski hills and get back to what I loved to do before getting poisoned with hydrogen sulphide gas in a workplace accident two years ago. I once raced 10 speed bikes when I was in The Canadian Navy, I finished 12th in Puerto Rico 1985. I was once a body builder, Ocean kayaker and mountain biker. I did the Moutain bike and kayak in one day and vowed to do the triple, sea to sky, Sea kayak, Mountain bike and then downhill ski. I’m not dead yet and neither are our great National athletes. I will finish what I have not done yet. Our athletes will win the podium in 2016 !

The next 31st Olympiad is in Brazil. We will Kick Butt.

I didn’t mention the 2012 Olympics in my Blog for fear the Olympic Media Police would get me. It’s over and I want to congratulate all the athletes from everywhere ! That should not be a crime, right ? It’s the biggest LIVE event in the world ! Thank-you 2012 Olympic Committee. It was incredible that so many Olympic and World Records were broken !

I give a great WELL DONE to every athlete who competed from all 204 countries from around the world. KUDOs to Great Britain for putting on a fabulous games. See that closing ceremony ! You Have to See it LIve to get the whole experience but seeing it on Television gives me that desire to want to one day ! We had the Winter Olympics here in 2010 and I was able to ski at Cypress Mountain just weeks before the event. Little did I know that would be my last ski season. Oct. 25, 2010 I was injured and have not returned to the mountain. My health is still in decline. It has to turn around. It still has not been two years yet. I will survive. I can write this while lying in bed.  I have been almost unable to walk for several days now. It comes and goes, good days and bad ones.

Our Athletes gave it all they had. They are my inspiration and the stellar Rock and Roll Finale is just the extra inspiration I need too.

Have a safe journey home everyone.  All Canadians are proud of You !

Well Done World and Well done Canada !

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