Celestial Ruin performing at The Columbia Theatre Friday, April 12, 2013. Epic performance. Photo courtesy of Adam

                                                CIRQUE NOCTURNA

FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2013 THE COLUMBIA THEATRE, NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.  Celestial Ruin, The Mighty One and The Harvest In Concert, 7pm.


Wow, first time out and Ruin Entertainment’s inaugural  show was a very successful  and entertaining night. Adam Todd’s inspiration to get out with an all ages show for local artists, Celestial Ruin, The Mighty One and  The Harvest, proved to be a great night at the Rock Show. The event was very well turned out. There were a lot of young fans mixed in with regulars of  Symphonic Metal greats ‘Celestial Ruin‘, Power Rock’s ‘The Mighty One’ and the up and coming groove artists ‘The Harvest.’

The event of the night was Celestial Ruin and their new stage and video show. New lights, strobes, videos, fog cannons and they said it was not all working. That’s what it’s all about. Putting on a great show, even with a few technical difficulties and no one noticed. The show was that great! Playing their hits, Wrath of the Dragon, Apocalypse, Asylum and songs they love to cover, Europe’s The Final Countdown and Zombie by The Cranberries with a new one , Guns and Roses’, Sweet Child ‘O’ Mine for their Encore. Great Vocals Larissa!


The new stage set up, lights, effects and videos made for a first class show. I loved the Columbia Theatre too. Photo courtesy of Adam.

Celestial Ruin was originally with guitarist Yakir Biton but we learned he had been accepted to a prestigious University in California. Congratulations and farewell Yakir. We’ll miss you. Troy, Celestial Ruin’s new Guitarist  Rocked with Adam  on The Drum kit, Larissa  on vocals , Mike on Bass and Nate on the symphonic keyboards. Celestial Ruin was recently at last November’s VALT , Vancouver Alternative Fashion event and I heard they Rocked the fashion show too! Well Done!


The Mighty One , Power ROCK !

The Mighty One debuted here at Cirque Nocturna performing songs from their Shift album also just returning from a cool tour which had them performing across the border all the way to The U.S.’s State of Texas. Great Rock music, and great showmen! What an exciting night!

The Harvest

Tonight opened with a newer band I was not familiar with but put on an incredible high energy set. The Harvest, showcasing lead singer Shauna who literally jumped up on the stage and grabbed our attention right away! They had a stand in drummer too. Thanks to Celestial Ruin’s loan of a drum set. Great opening act, Yeah Baby!


Yes, the venue, The famous Columbia Theatre was a new location for this music guy but what an excellent venue for a Rock Show! Great acoustics, stylish chandeliers, tiered table rows, all for that VIP feel and great viewing pleasure. The staff were incredible, the service at our seats and the food and beverages were fantastic. Hat’s off to The Columbia Theatre, I’ll highly recommend this venue for a great night out. Thank-you again to dear friends Joan and Chris for helping with getting to tonight’s Show.

Well done to Adam Todd, Ruin Entertainment and Cirque Nocturna. We’ll be waiting for The Return of Cirque Nocturna

Celestial Ruin’s Set List

From Beneath You
Final Countdown (Europe Cover)
Sense of exile
Troy’s Guitar Solo
Bad moon
Dark Inside
Behind These Doors
Zombie ( Cranberries Cover)
Wrath of the Dragon
Encore: Sweet Child O Mine (GnR Cover)



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