RUSH’S Clockwork Angels a Machine Works of Timeless Music

Concert Extraordinaire at Rogers Arena, Vancouver British Columbia, July 26, 2013. Photos by Paul Fitzgerald

RUSH altered their logo, newer fresh look? They do have a sense of humour.


Rock Musician greats Neil Peart, Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee continue to amaze everyone with their innovative music. Their  imagination and crazy use of sound, mechanical props and video magic that kept everyone on the edge of their seat.  (although most were standing) Video screens that fly and move to the music to confuse and stimulate the audience’s senses is too profound for description. Time Machine was innovative, Clockwork Angels is just over the top incredible for a visual and sound experience. The clockwork mechanical machines seems to flow perfectly from Time Machine‘s concept. Very, very cool!

Unbelievable the technical complexity of the stage experience!


Seeing and hearing the Clockwork Angels String Orchestra was incredible. Nice Addition!

Their show is no small feat to accomplish. Many riggers, lighting techs, stage and computer techs, video shows, cartoons and movies. They make the whole concert a true family event, and something that everyone goes home fully satisfied in one way but wanting more and more of the show in another way. The use of short movies, The Watchmaker as an example, is an escape to an imaginative world we all wish we lived in. Funny, classic and a great way to lead up into a great song. Their videos have always been great. Their music has meaning and always there is a story. Tom Sawyer is a great example, so is Subdivisions.

Geddy, The WatchMaker. Cool mini movies and cartoons.

Geddy sang, played and Rocked Vancouver!

Geddy takes a break and chit chats with the audience. Oh the stories, a very long career and a great one at that. Thanks Geddy.

What was a true unexpected addition half way through, the Clockwork Angels String Orchestra. Strings added to give a special feel. Not synthesized, real sound from some classic instruments, Violins and Cellos. They had everyone Rocking too. Like a cheering section with instruments. Another surprise is the fireworks, Bam! Everyone jumped. Not known for pyro or fireworks again another addition. Some huge flames and fireworks at truly unexpected times. Excellent!

Great Picture of Neil and The Orchestra

Go Alex.


Neil in his zone!

From All The World’s A Stage to Clockwork Angels every Concert is masterly conceived and celebrated by all who have loved RUSH from their first time experience. Radio to first album, CD or concert, once you have seen or heard these masters make their music, you are hooked. Fly By Night, 2112, Hard Working Man, YYZ, Subdivisions, Carnies, and Clockwork Angels… many hits, so many shows. There is and only will be one RUSH, not duplicated, not imitated only 3 masters that are true to their sound, their story and their dedication to getting it right for every show. Yes, all that music created is from three musicians. Too profound for words. Neil has a drum solo in both the first part and a bigger one in the second part. He does his drum kit spin and change over, it’s so cool! Alex’s guitar playing is unbelievable and full of his emotion. You feel it. You see it. Geddy’s technical bass shredding just blows everyone away. Together it’s just magic!

Yeah, The Great Neil Peart.


Just Amazing!


There is an intermission, As Geddy quoted “you are watching us age before your eyes,”  Great having the break and a chance to take in the first half of the show and talk to people. So many air guitarists and air drummers. You just can’t help yourself. That’s why music is the best therapy!


The Boys having a ball. Great show!


Thanks Geddy, thanks Alex and thanks Neil. Canada and Rock Music has thanked you, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has too. Members in 2013! You never cease to amaze us. Rock and Roll forever Boys. Your still those three young guys I saw back in 1977, All The World’s A Stage and you own it! Man, what a great show!!! Nothing beats your LIVE Performance! There was a celebration of RUSH, a party and everyone had a great time. Fantastic staff at Rogers Arena. I saw so many younger children in the audience  at this show too. The audience still had the RUSH hardcore fans from the 1970’s onward. Well done for a great show Everyone.

Set List:


Big Money

Force Ten

Grand Designs

Middletown Dreams


Analog Kid

The Pass,

Where’s My Thing

Far Cry



Clockwork Angels


The Wreckers

Headlong Flight/Drum Solo

Halo Effect

Wish Them Well

The Garden


Red Sector A


Spirit Of Radio


Tom Sawyer


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  1. Paula Marucci says:

    Hi Paul,

    Love the review. I attended the show and you captured all the high points that exhilarated everyone!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Paula. What’s great is after the show talking to fans like yourself. True RUSH fans, that see and feel the music! Rock and Roll!

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