Paul McCartney opening the Show. B.C. Place Stadium, Vancouver, B.C. Nov. 25, 2012 Magical Mystery Tour !

Hi Everyone

Unbelievable the artists touring right now. Paul McCartney again, The Rolling Stones, the list is seemingly endless.

I, as well as most people can not afford to go to shows anymore. Indie Band shows, the new artists are all amazing. You have to support all the great artists around us.

The veteran groups, the ones that keep their great hits alive can and will tour until they can not anymore. I say great to them all. The classics are just that. Most of these artists getting the sell out shows are in their 60’s and even 70’s. WHAT? Yes, Paul McCartney, 70 years old. Bob Seger, 68, Mick Jaggar is 69. This is it folks.

You really need to support all those great up and coming stars too.

Rock and Roll everyone !

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