Roger Hodgson Is Supertramp Smooth in The Songs of Supertramp ‘Breakfast in America’ Tour

The latest Roger Hodgson tour is as amazing as the artist himself. The artists Roger has surrounded himself  with produce the most amazing orchestra music and they are only a small Rock band.

Roger Hodgson saying Hi to the audience.

His band is an assortment of international artists of extraordinary talents.  Aaron  Macdonald is a  Master of many instruments. Saxophones, keyboards,  harmonica, and backing vocals and Kevin Adamson on keyboards and Backing Vocals , Bryan Head  on Drums and percussion and Bassist David J. Carpenter also was on backing vocals for Roger. Together the music they played of Roger’s was extraordinary.

Roger’s simple stage arrangement and lighting enhanced the music and the performers. It was not just a concert, it was an event to remember forever.

Roger on the grand piano.


I needed a sensitive, mood enhancing experience and Roger provided it. Everyone can have a different experience at an event like this. Mine was almost spiritual. The Logical Song, Fool’s Overture,  Lord is it Mine and the opening song, Take The Long way home are some of those mood songs. How many times I needed a relaxing moment and put on one of my vinyl Supertramp albums. It just sent me to the place I needed to go.

Roger gave me a smile and I felt his true generosity and love for his craft at this  moment. This was during the song ‘Give a Little Bit’. We were invited to the stage and I was fortunate to get this great picture.  I was so moved by this show. His music is the work of true passion. A Loving, caring and sensitive genius  !

Another artist to check off my Bucket list. I was so fortunate to have a ticket available the day before the show. Thank-you to all at The River Rock. You see my disability and go out of your way to assist me. Yes, The setlist was another treasure I will keep and gets added to the museum collection.

The show’s finale. So Long Roger, until next time. Take the long way home.

Roger’s Setlist:

Take The Long Way Home


In Jeopardy

Lovers In The Wind

Hide In Your Shell

Puppet Dance

Sister Moonshine

Breakfast In America


Along Came Mary

The Logical Song

Death And A Zoo

If Everyone Was Listening

Child Of Vision

Lord Is It Mine

C’est le Bon / Quietest Moments ( Don’t leave me Now )


Fool’s Overture


Two Of Us

Give a Little Bit

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