David Ward at The Vancouver International JAZZ Festival June 22, 2013


David Ward has true passion in his music. It is music for all.


Vancouver, JAZZ, Blues, Soul, Rock, Indie, Alternative, Everything!!! Blues are the roots to the music I like the best!

WOW, great entertainment. Classy, pure, soulful, Jazz, Rock show. David Ward is , for a very youthful young man, an accomplished artist extraordinaire! I have not said this about one man, one artist before. The musicianship from the band at this performance was fantastic. Enough accolades??


I saw an interview and video on Go Vancouver, a Shaw TV local news current events show and it was a combo plug for the TD Vancouver International JAZZ Festival and Local artist David Ward who is appearing at several venues during the festival. The JAZZ Festival caught my attention but I was immediately drawn to David’s warm personality and incredible voice. Then listening to his music I was even more interested in seeing a whole set. Outdoor stage Georgia Street, Saturday. We had to be there. The sky was black early in the afternoon but it was as if when David and the band hit the stage all the clouds disappeared. Nothing but clear Blue sky and awesome Jazz, Rock  and Soul tunes to make everyone happy and Bam! The crowd was Dancing and singing and having a great time.

The band accompanying David was made of accomplished Jazz/Rock musicians.  Members of SoulStream, a very in demand group accompanied David Ward. Randall Stoll on drums, Karen Graves Sax and vocals, Chris Davis on the trumpet, Dawn Pemberton on stellar vocals, Mark Wilson keyboards,  Joseph Lubinsky-Mast played bass and Gavin Youngash on rhythm and lead guitar when David’s guitar string broke and the techs were replacing it. All shows have some hiccups and the show continued without any concern as David’s velvet vocals and smooth style carried the show as well as Soulstream were fantastic! You can’t play Jazz or Blues without a horn section. Karen Graves’ Sax and Chris Davis’ Trumpet added that special pizzazz!


Mark Wilson on keyboards with Dawn, Karen and Chris from SoulStream grooving in the back. Dawn has incredible vocals as does Karen when she isn’t playing the saxophone. Chris  Davis is amazing on the trumpet.

Gavin Youngash accompanied David on guitar.

SoulStream’s Randall Stoll on the Drums.

Joseph Lubinsky-Mast on Bass guitar.


Listening to David’s world travels and many adventures in exploring the diversity of all the music that this world of ours has to offer, and his education, it  has helped make his music, his poetry and incredible vocals in a class all his own.  In my opinion David is destined to be known to all. His CD ‘The Arrival’ is a must for everyone’s Jazz, Soul, Rock music collection. A new release is scheduled for November 2013. David has also a Canadian Tour and a UK Tour coming up. This follows an already successful tour in Japan and other Tours. If it’s meant for him to get his recognition at The TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival, it worked.

You can get more of David Ward and his music at

David writes his own Lyrics and Music. Songs on his CD ‘The Arrival’ are:  The Arrival, No More Troubles Under The Sun, Lost In Translation, Alice Blue, Feel This Way, The Deepest Blue, Sweet Girl, Boat People, Joy

SETLIST  ( some songs are covers, didn’t get all the authors.)

No More Troubles Under The Sun

The Arrival

Boat People

In My Time Of Dying (  by Led Zeppelin)

Gun Smoke

Tomorrow never Knows ( Beatles Cover)

Bird in The Hand

Lost In Translation

Feel it Now

Ghost In The Woods (Dedication to a friend)


I Wanna make You Boogie


Going Down ( Donny Hathaway great 70’s soul singer)

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