Day 2 @ Rock The Peach Had Everyone Of All Ages Entertained. Music, Circus Like Performers, Great Hosts and The Weather Cooperated Too

Huge KUDOS to The Rock The Peach organizers. The contingent of staff and volunteers, security and all the vendors have been super helpful, polite and kept the whole show moving smoothly. The little hiccups of weather and schedule changes have not led to any major setbacks or problems. The audience has been truly fantastic. Everyone is having a great time.

The cool sign above the entrance gate. Photo by Heather  MacWilliam.

Last night Sam Roberts Band headlined with War, Three Dog Night, and Andrew Allen. All performed on the Freestone Main Stage with Ridley Bent and Good For Grapes on the secondary  Redhaven stage.  Unfortunately My rest schedule did not permit me to see Good For Grapes  and Andrew Allen but Ridley Bent and his band were fabulous. His style, which I will call Post BabyBoomer Country is very appealing to a younger grooving style of music. This new style is appealling to those who love Blues and Rockabilly styles. It allows you to get up and dance and has people of all ages enjoying what is being performed.

Sam Roberts is a great artist and performer. Photo by Heather MacWilliam.

With WAR and Three Dog Night it appealed to that 1960’s and 70’s demographic. Three Dog Night has a huge library of great Rhythm and Blues hits where WAR has the Funk and Soul Music. There was music for everyone who grew up in the 1960’s and 1970’s and later the 1990’s on…..

The highlight of Three Dog Night was the new song they performed for the Encore. Just called ‘Prayer’ it’s for the Children of War- all, everywhere and ongoing. It ripped through my soul. The members of Three Dog Night performed this a cappella. It was a performance only true veteran artists are ever to accomplish in their lifetime. It literally left the audience speachless. I hope they read this and really get the feeling of how this song moved everyone. Go to their website. They said their music is being available at 99 cents a download. When the new album is available , I’m gettting it.!

Sam Roberts Band had their first album come out in 2001 and appealed to a younger crowd. Their style is a groove , happy melodic and at sometimes Reggae feel to it  and has numerous themes of Peace, Love and anti war which also appealed to the fans of 60’s and 70’s music. We were up front for Sam Roberts but moved back to let the younger crowd get up close and personal to his band. Wow, I felt a little old there but I love their music too. We weren’t alone, A lot of the audience who came for WAR and Three Dog Night stayed for Sam Roberts also.


You have to have the Pulled Pork, Pizza, Ice cream, Chicken Lips and  Donairs. All kinds of food and too many to mention. Vendors selling cool clothes and all kinds of stuff for a festival. Kids performers, break dancers and just something for everyone.

The swag tent allows the artists to sell their souvenirs and has tables for a meet and greet area to get pictures taken and autographs signed. There is an adjoining tent for the Rock The Peach Swag. Very well organized, well staffed and everyone is friendly and helpful.

The organizers did a great job getting an assortment of epic talented artists . Everyone was having such a good time. The Bands too. The sets seemed short, an hour and a half for the longest, and more than one band wanted to play more but put on such great shows in appreciation of the great audiences they had. Way to go Rock The Peach !

I have many people come and ask me about the record albums I bring. I have been very successful with autographs too. Ridley Bent on his CD.  Lonnie from War, Michael from Three Dog Night and Sam Roberts all on Vinly record covers. Thanks. It is that much more special.

One patron summed up the joy of an old record as a friend when your real friends can’t be there for you. You pull out that old record, listen to it, relive those great memories while looking at the artistry and detail of the album cover itself. It’s part of the experience. Thanks Cheryl.

” It’s not what you take with you when your gone, it’s your legacy that you leave behind !” I think all artists have this philosphy. It’s a part of them they share to the world. It’s a joy to receive. Thank-you

I’m having trouble uploading pictures today. Will get back soon. The important thing is to get my thoughts down.

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