Concert Event ! Joe Walsh Rocked The Red With All His Duckies Too

Joe Walsh Raises the Roof at Red Robinson's Sept. 7, 2012 All photos by Paul Fitzgerald ( Click all photos to enlarge )

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Rock legend Joe Walsh just Rocked The Red. An incredible show with nine fellow artists and along with Joe they showcased a mere glimpse of the catalogue of stellar hits he has created over the last five decades. From The James Gang to The Eagles and then some songs from his many solo albums, Joe Walsh showed he still has All His Ducks in a Row to perform like only his master can.



Joe's Ducks, all neatly in a row. The only way to have them.


I was talking with other guests before the show like I always do. Plus Rene from merchandise, David from The Red Theatre LIVE events crew and many others in attendance , all were excited to see Joe in an intimate show at Red’s.  The neat gentleman sitting to my right said he first saw Joe with Ringo Star in ’89. Same with me. Clarence Clemons was there as was Levon Helm and Joe Walsh performing in Ringo’s All Star Band. Sadly both have passed. Guess what, Joe was good friends with Levon and did a special dedication to Levon with the song Released and is very sad Levon is gone. We all are. RIP Levon. Heaven Has A Hell of  a Band !

Joe's band was so large the stage barely fit them all.

Joe’s band had three spectacular back up singers, an amazing Guitarist, Keyboard player, Bass player, two Drummers and a percussionist in the middle. Ten artists including Joe. I will put in all the names as soon as I can get all of them. Your band is Stellar Joe !

Joe had us all air guitaring and air drumming to many of his Classics. Life Of Illusion, Walk Away, Turn To Stone, Funk 49, Life’s Been Good and of course the super classic Rocky Mountain Way . These are but a few. Every song he had a guitar switch. Well Done to the sound crew and the guitar techs ! Every song was perfect. That Red Robinson Theatre, like the River Rock Show Theatre has the best acoustics in Western Canada. The staff and facilities are second to none.

Spent The last Year Rocky Mountain Way, couldn't get much Higher !



Life of Illusion

Walk Away

Analog man



One Day at A Time

The Bomber

Turn To Stone

In The City

Funk 49

Life’s Been Good

Life In The Fast Lane


Rocky Mountain Way

I Have to go now, If you get the chance to see Joe Walsh Live, Do It ! See Him LIVE Canada !

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  1. Harald says:

    Hey Paul, we were sitting next to you on your right at the Joe Walsh show. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I was totally impressed with Joe’s playing (pretty damn good for a 64 year old). I really liked the fact that he had 2 drummers playing in sync and also a percussionist. A real class act last night!! Acoustics and volume level were perfect at the Red Robinson. I would go see him again in a minute. it was really good to meet you Paul. Please send me some pix if you have some good ones. Thanks and Keep on Rockin!

  2. admin says:

    Hey Max.

    It was a spectacular show. You got the passion of the night right on ! It was powerful with the two drummers, the great singers and all of Joe’s band ROCKED ! Of Course Joe was amazing !
    Thats the story . He has been touring with The Eagles and now this great band back to back. How does he do it ?
    I will go through my pictures. Unfortunately they didn’t all turn out as good as I thought. Lighting and shaking is a problem for me. It’s hit and miss. There are some good ones. I’m very tired. The shows take a lot out of me. Just being there. It’s therapy like the Music Therapy Ride. WOW. Have a great day, every day is an adventure ! I’ll be in contact.

    Rock and Roll !

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