Past Events :Sturgis North 2012. It’s All Over Until Next Year.

Hi Again Everyone.

Sturgis North wrapped up day five yesterday and the last day was another exciting one. The weather was the big show for a while. Wind, lightening and a super downpour kept everyone busy catching those tent awnings rolling over the fields. WOW! More down time for me. I rested as much as I could.

The organzers did an amazing event. As I have said with all events, Not everyone has the same experience, good or bad. I think overall they did an amzing job. Saturday was the BIG Night. Sunday most people left. There were the last ones left, locals, us, and the night’s entertainment. Lee Rocker ( The Stray Cats ) headlined with The Stampeders. Jasmine Cain again, Snake Oil Sinners and the best AC/DC Tribute band In The West, BC/DC from Nelson, B.C. Now how can anyone have a bad time with AC/DC and Lee Rocker tunes happening! Jasmine Cain From Sturgis U.S.A. and The  Snake Oil Sinners Rocked the house! The entertainment was fantastic and again thank-you to all the organizers for the entertainment.

I will get back with more thank-you’s and more photos of the last day, Cabbage Patch Wrestling too. Checkout is at 11am. Got to go. My ride  won’t wait for me.

Cheers everyone! Rock and Roll baby!


Hi Everyone. It’s happening right now! Sturgis North 2012 at the Motoplex Speedway in Vernon British Columbia, Canada. Here are some of my photo’s and  my take on events attended on Thursday . I had to rest and missed some events. Everyday will have some things missed. Can’t do all the stuff, there is just too much to do!

Great Show'N Shine winning entry

Great Show’N Shine winner!


Starting Wednesday July 18, 2012 the event hosts a amazing 5 days of concerts, Biker Show’n Shines, Babes- The Sturgettes, trade shows, stunt bike riders, charity events and we can’t forget the Rodeo Games! Today, Friday, July 19, Everyone is on a ride to Sicamous this morning. Every day there is a veteran’s ride at 9 or 10am leaving from the O’Keefe Ranch next door to the Motoplex Speedway. Bands start hitting the stage at noon everyday with events staggered in between. We already missed Wednesday’s Jerry Doucette and Rick Derringer who are fantastic. Mama Let That Boy Play and  Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo Baby !. Other artists Kingdom of a Few, One Bad Son, Alkaline and an awesome Aerosmith tribute band called Lost Child we missed also, according to the program.

Due from Snake Oil Sinners

Koz, Joe, Meg and Muffy of Snake Oil Sinners


Last night we arrived to Snake Oil Sinners first show. This amazing Rock Group did a variety of great cover songs. This is their specialty. Foghat was next and were spectacular as was Blue Oyster Cult. WOW, two more great rock groups from the 1970’s I finally got to experience LIVE.

Foghat’s Lineup with the Spectacular  Roger Earl on Drums ( original member ), The amazing Charlie Huhn, Frontman lead singer and on guitar, The famous Bryan Bassett , ( Humble Pie and  Ted Nugent Fame) on lead Guitar and Vocals and with the incredible Bass player Craig MacGregor, This  Foghat was an amazing act to see LIVE!

Foghat hit the stage at 8pm and Just Blew me away! What an amazing band. Original member Roger Earl on the drums with a stellar talented line up of bandmates. Wow, Could these guys Rock! Thanks Roger for autographing my Rock and Roll Outlaws Album. Lead Guitarist Bryan Bassett signed for Rod.

Charlie Huhn along with the rest of Foghat showed how seasoned Rock veterans they are. Just an amazing and entertaining show. I can’t stop giving these guys praise. They just floored me!

Blue Oyster Cult the day’s headliner band was such crowd pleaser too. Great Hits from an amazing long and famous catalogue. Of course there was Harvest Moon, Don’t Fear The Reaper that was tributed to the recent passing of Jon Lord from Deep Purple. Again Heaven Has a Hell Of a Band! Another famous song, Godzilla, always gets people smiling and having a good time. Look Out Tokyo! Hit after hit, great instrumentals from all members. Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma are again Rock Veteran performers that I can’t stop praising! What a night. If this is only Thursday, What’s the next three days going to be? Kim Mitchell, Brian Howe from Bad Company, Jasmine Cain, Nick Gilder, The Guess Who,  The Stampeders and the last performer Sunday is Lee Rocker from The stray Cats. Holy Crap! See It Live Canada! Get out to Vernon. It’s only 3pm here on Friday afternoon. A lot of time to get here from most of B.C. Check Out the website.


B O C’s original members Buck Dharma Rocking out front while Eric Bloom helps newer member Jules Randino on the drums.

I like this photo of all of Blue Oyster Cult. The Blue spot light is like a Bright Blue Star.

A highlight of the B O C concert was Jules Randino’s drum solo. WOW. Great show!

Blue Oyster Cult has a great line-up of artists with original members Eric and Buck. Jules on drums of course, Richie Castellano helping Eric on The Keyboards, plays Guitar and vocals. I’m embarassed, I missed the new Bass player’s name. He played with Joan Jett and Meatloaf as well as some other amazing artists. I will get his name and update right away! Stellar performance. You have to see it LIVE Baby!

The day’s Show’N Shine Winners were handed their coveted trophies. A lot of great new, vintage classic and customized bikes were on display. Well Done to all the winners and everyone who participated. Too Hard to choose. Too many great Rides! Friday, day 3 of Sturgis North 2012 is going to be even better. Jasmine Cain and Snake Oil Sinners play multiple days too. Show’N Shines, Bike Rodeos every day! Come on down.

Wow, There are a lot of nice rides here at Stugis North 2012. Here is another Show’N Shine winner.


There are not a lot of places to sit down at the event. There is the open grandstand. Hard cement, hot from the 34 degree heat is there for the sitting.  Some security issues ban picnic tables, bringing in chairs, umbrella’s and you also have to monitor the heat. It was very hot on Thursday and it’s going to get hotter! Enjoy, have fun and Rock and Roll Baby!


Okay, here are the Sturgettes . I can’t leave them out now can I?

These lovely trophies..were handed out by the lovely Sturgettes. Lucky! They have a calendar too.




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