FUNDRAISER: 2013 Music Therapy Ride Sept. 14, 2013–2012 MUSIC THERAPY RIDE A HUGE SUCCESS !!!!


Supporters sold out the Ride! WOW Great turn-out for Music Therapy’s 11th annual Ride!


THE 2012 11th Annual MUSIC THERAPY RIDE.  By Paul Fitzgerald .

HI Everyone. Saturday’s Music Therapy Ride was a sensational success !! The Music Therapy Rides fundraising has been an instrumental way for the foundation to raise the money they need to fund the mobile recording studio and everything with it. It’s legacy and positive therapy for sick and terminally ill children and their families lets the memories of the therapy to live on forever. Congratulations have to go out to the organizers, many  who are heavyweights in The Music and Entertainment Industry . Sony’s Patrick Zulinov, Co-chair on the Committee was the M/C  and was very entertaining too. His helmet cam was used to catch everyone before the ride, during the ride and after too when they arrived at Harrison Hot Springs.

The Bro,  Jake Edwards from Classic Rock101 and me ! Thanks Bro for supporting the Therapy Ride.  I give Music the credit for my progress from my injury 2 years ago. Maybe next year I will be well enough that I can ride with them too. Photo by Heather MacWilliam.


The Ride left Cloverdale’s Fraser Downs Racetrack and Casino about 10am Saturday Morning. I’m a Cloverdale resident so it was easy to get there.  I was lucky to have someone offer to drive me to Harrison to greet the riders upon their arrival.

Patrick Zulinov with Howard Blank and Shannon Tweed-Simmons before the event.

No Fundraiser can be without celebrities. Not only many of the organizers are celebrities themselves but many other Sports stars, Television Actors and musicians volunteer their time for the event. This year the big stars were reality T.V. stars Shannon Tweed-Simmons, her two children Nick and Sophie Tweed-Simmons, Sophie’s friend Nick Marshall Rode one of AZZ KIKR’s Custom Rides. There were several in the event. Rock101’s Bro Jake was there as with other radio personalities, either on a Harley or in the Car and SUV procession.  54-40 were the celebrity band to entertain the riders.

Great Custom Bikes came along, Great supporters and great weather too.

Over 150 Riders participated. The event was sold out ! Well done to the organizers.

Above is at Cloverdale’s FraserDown’s Racetrack and Casino just before the ride left and below is at Harrison Hot Springs for the ride celebration. The Locals in Harrison were very surprized at all the excitement.

The Vancouver Motorcycle Drill Team Squad was there for the Presidential Treatment. This cause was worth the special treatment. KUDO’ s to everyone who participated. I was too exhausted to stay for the 54-40 show. I really wanted to but I’m still recovering from my injury.

SnowBoarder Nick Marshall with some riders/orgainizers/celebs !

Here is a copy of the Music Therapy foundation’s Mission Statement to better describe the whole event.

Mission Statement

The Music Therapy Ride is an annual motorcycle charity ride designed to raise funds for community-based music therapy services in British Columbia.  Established by members of the music industry, with representatives from record labels, radio stations, booking agencies, talent managers, concert promoters and recording artists, the Music Therapy Ride has broadened its reach over the years to all motorcycle enthusiasts.

Now celebrating it’s 11th Anniversary, MTR has raised over $500,000 as a result of its annual ride from Vancouver to Whistler.  In 2012, MTR will rev its engines even louder, and provide a presidential escort to a new location, beautiful Harrison Hot Springs.  In addition to aiding Music Therapists and general Music Therapy programs, the MTR committee has funded a recording studio at BC Children’s Hospital, as well as manufactured a mobile recording studio to service patients bedside in the hospital.  The mobile studios, operating under the name “Band Wagon 1”, enable Music Therapists to expand their already vital work by giving clients the ability to record the music created during their therapy sessions. This music will provide a legacy for their family, friends and community.

MTR has enjoyed support from many sectors of the community.  Key partners include The Vancouver Police Department’s Motorcycle Drill Team, who have provided a presidential escort from Vancouver to Whistler over the past ten years; the Great Canadian Casino, who have generously provide breakfast the morning of the ride and a departure point from the River Rock Casino and Resort; Vancouver BMW Ducati; Carter Motorsports; Trev Deeley Harley Davidson; Urban Wasp and a host of community sponsors.

Past celebrity guests have included Colin James, Barenaked Ladies’ Ed Robertson, Jann Arden, Brent Butt, Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace and many more.

The 2012 Music Therapy Ride will take place on Saturday, September 8th.  The day’s activities include breakfast at the Fraser Downs Racetrack and Casino, a group ride to Harrison Hot Springs, lunch at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and a silent auction hosted by Great Canadian Casino’s Howard Blank.

Recipients of funds raised from the Motorcycle Therapy Ride have included Canuck Place, BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver Oral Centre for Deaf Children, Camp Moomba, Brookhaven Extended Care Facility, George Pearson Centre, BC Women’s Hospital, the Society for Disability Arts and Culture and many more.


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  1. shaw saltzberg says:

    hey…thanks so much for posting your comment and pics!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Shaw, Your very welcome. The Ride’s purpose is so very important. I intend to promote and support the Music Therapy Foundation as much as I can. The Therapy is an ongoing project and needs continuous support. Music has helped me in my recovery. Everyday is an adventure ! Paul F.

  3. Mike Yantzi says:

    This sounds like a great idea and organization. We should have something like this in Ontario.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Mike.

    This idea is Stellar and should be wherever a major Childrens Hospital exists. Toronto would be the next logical location for it. The Hospitals and music industry back East will see the benefits of this and start their own. Have a Great Day ! Paul F.

  5. admin says:


    It’s just what you can afford. This is the low cost way. You definitely get what you pay for. I have a disability so I do not spend a lot of time trying to make things wild. I like to just get ideas out.

    Good luck and keep writing.

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