I Have To See It LIVE !

Jerry Doucette with Carter Low and Paul Fitzgerald

Getting to meet my childhood Icon Guitarist Jerry Doucette with his fellow Bluesman and Student, Carter Low BackStage at Canada Day Celebrations in Surrey, British Columbia Canada. July 1st, 2012. photo by Heather MacWilliam

Hi Everyone. I’m Paul Fitzgerald. It has been said I am The ultimate Super Fan! Live events, Concerts, Plays, Parades, Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, you name it, I have to see it live! This new Blog site is dedicated to the passion of the FANS and their experiences being witness to spectacular live concerts, sporting events and anything they see live! We encourage the Positive feelings to be expressed and agree not everyone has the same experience at a live show. Sometimes artists or athletes have a bad day. We all do. Constructive critism is always encouraged and profane language and expressions are strictly forbidden, well if it’s in  a positive context that can be allowed. Many positive feelings can be and have been expressed using mild profanity. Remember every action has an equal reaction. There is enough negativity in our world today. Need I say More?

Jerry Doucette and Carter Low

Jerry Doucette and Carter Low having a great time at Canada’a Birthday, July 1st 2012. Photo By Mark Peters

The artist or athlete will always tell you that in the end it’s the love of what they do that carries them. The term ‘ Starving or struggling” is how all of them have had to nurture and grow, or mature to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. I personally have had many setbacks in my life but with the help of friends and family have been able to make an effort to do something. I set out each day to try to accomplish one thing.

Music has saved me. I have quite the disability now which affects my vision and motor skills but I have persevered to write my reviews and be accepted in the community as someone who ‘Shares The Joy’. Trouble with bright lights, aching, watering eyes, driving at night, overcoming fatigue and always feeling dizzy to be able to sit and enjoy a great play, NHL Hockey game or my favorite, an amazing Rock Show! Things have been quite debilitating.
Since first writing this the dizziness has become worse unfortunately. The tremors have not , as I had hoped become any better. My vision the same.  Music has kept my spirits high!  Music has saved me from the darkness. New friends and old ones have been helping me. I recently as of 2013 have had strength trouble, the use of a cane is now my aid in staying active on some days. Everyone is getting to know me, I have been able to, on most occasions  a seat at most events. Standing too long has become an issue at events or the next day or days has been painful and both exhausting.
I wear dark sunglasses all the time and at events but to me it’s like seeing normal. I get to look Cool too! Many Thanks again to my dearest friends and family who have taken the time to share many positive experiences with me, drive me to not only seemingly endless Doctor appointments but also to these shows. I Love them so much for this. There IS Love in the world!

Ian Paice Longtime Drummer for Deep Purple. Great show at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre February 26, 2012. Photo by Paul Fitzgerald

So get out there and go to a show. Go down the block to your neighbourhood ballfield and watch the game that’s being played. Get passionate! See Your favorite artist when they come to town. Nothing Is Like Seeing It LIVE !
Contact also at seeitlivecanada@hotmail.com and seeitlivecanada@gmail.com I have had to disable the comment link due to spam as of November 10th 2013. Please email any comments and I will post them, Thanks Brothers and Sisters.
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FRANKLINS DEALERS at The Roxy  Nightclub ,Vancouver, January 13th 2018  with guests CHELSEA’S TAIL!


A ROCK SHOW not to miss!!



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An Acoustic Tribute To Harry Chapin and His Music




An Acoustic Tribute To Harry Chapin and His Music

I’m always acquiring artists’ recordings. I recently just last week picked up a new 2017 CD, “Chapin’s Music Unplugged” an acoustic tribute by “Tommy C and The Tombstones” to the American 1970’s Folk-Rock Singer / Songwriter and champion of causes, the late Harry Chapin . Tragically Harry Chapin was killed in a car accident in 1981 when he was only 38 and at the pinnacle of success.

Artist Thomas Crean has been a fan of Harry Chapin for both his music and his humanitarianism. To celebrate the great storyteller’s legacy and music Thomas has recorded this incredible tribute with Kelly-Ann Crean and Nancy Herb and together are “Tommy C and The Tombstones” .

 Thomas Crean with Shell Busey

I met Thomas Crean at Shell Busey’s “Tool Box” in Cloverdale, British Columbia that is a new tool thrift store to raise money and awareness for the Surrey Hospice Society. Thomas is The President of The Board Of Directors at The Surrey Hospice.

“December 7th would have been Harry’s 75th birthday, and I wanted to get the CD out for what would have been Harry Chapin’s 75th Birthday” Thomas Crean said to me as he handed me the CD for making a donation.



Tommy C and The Tombstones’ tribute to Harry Chapin is so well produced and Thomas’s vocals could not be any closer to the originals which makes this recording a great honour to The Music of Harry Chapin. Kelly-Ann Crean and Nancy Herb’s accompanying vocals blend together beautifully.

Once I put the CD on I was taken back to the first time I had heard some of these songs and the familiar memories came back. “Cats In The Cradle” took me back to my own childhood and how I witnessed my father work to take care of his family of 6 kids and keep a roof over our heads.. I always tear up because so much is true, more today than when I was first on my own and then raising my own family… Harry Chapin could not have told the story any better… as we get busier we seem to fall behind with family connections and before you know it you lose someone close and regrets happen.


During my own stint in The Royal Canadian Navy in the 1980’s there was a fellow engineer that would play his guitar and sing to us in the Engineers Mess aboard HMCS Athabaskan while we were on deployment somewhere in the world… “Cats In The Cradle” was one of the favorites

Thomas Crean, “Tommy C and The Tombstones” have the passion and magic in this tribute collection of Harry Chapin’s greatest hits. The stories just flowed through each song and when the CD was over I had to play it again. All I could think was

“what a great Tribute”!

Harry Chapin was involved with many groups in need. These included a campaign against world hunger, environmental and consumer issues and the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. At one time, more than half his concerts were benefits. The “Harry Chapin Foundation” is a posthumous legacy of his desire to help those in need.

”I think I’ve had the most social and political involvement of any singer-song writer in America,” Mr. Chapin was quoted as having said.

Harry Chapin, lived December 7th 1942 to July 16th 1981 was a story teller through his music. His stories live on with Tommy C and The Tombstones Tribute “ Chapin’s Music – Unplugged”

Paul Fitzgerald
See It LIVE Canada



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You can spend your days doing nothing, seeing nothing and be content. I on the other hand need to be with people and more importantly happy people. I see as do everyone the struggles that we have to endure daily and also the struggles of others. I truly believe artists are put on this planet to keep us from doldrums, from mediocrity and mostly boredom. There is the magic. people have this gift too. Whether it’s music, jewelry, written, functioning art or the creation of the visual art, and awesome original clothing, it’s all passion, it’s all an art and it’s all there for everyone to share. Share the joy! It’s medicine for the soul too!



GO TO THIS LINK FOR ALL THE GREAT PICTURES OF FRIDAY OCT. 4th, Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th, 2013

VCON 2013 day 1 , 2 and 3





THIS LINK TOO HAS GEAT PICTURES from Allyson Kenning, great photographer and journalist who assisted and we all had a great time!


Incredible day Saturday. Artistic and scientific! The costume contest climaxed and we have a winner! Many winners of all the different categories of expertise. Lots of schmoozing after the big show! Singing with the Renaissance Society was classic! Thanks everyone we had a BALL! One day left!

It’s here at VCON 2013. 1 days left, come to the Delta Airport Hotel in Richmond B.C.

Hanna and Melissa can really entertain, We have to go to the B.C. Renaissance Festival in Langley next year!

Hanna and Melissa can sure entertain! We have to go to The B.C. Renaissance Festival in Langley next Year!

Wow, It’s all over until CanVention 2014 Yes…. The Canada SCi Fi Convention and VCON next year. ( If I’m Correct)! October 3, 4 & 5th 2014.
There are the 340 photos for the three days. Lots of cool costumes, Books, authors, toys, clothing… Steampunk and classic great times with great fans, friends and the best weekend we have had this year.

It’s Military Might, From Swords to Sorcery next year.

Get out your Phasers and set to STUN!

We Can’t wait until next year!  See You there! See It LIVE!


A link to BC Renaissance Festival Pictures.


Hanna Lougin

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Summer Rock Shows

Get out and Support Local talent and great Rock, Metal, Indie performers.

This show is at  The Vancouver Media Club July 14th 2013

This show has some international Flavor! Santuarium  is From Brazil.


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David Ward at The Vancouver International JAZZ Festival June 22, 2013


David Ward has true passion in his music. It is music for all.


Vancouver, JAZZ, Blues, Soul, Rock, Indie, Alternative, Everything!!! Blues are the roots to the music I like the best!

WOW, great entertainment. Classy, pure, soulful, Jazz, Rock show. David Ward is , for a very youthful young man, an accomplished artist extraordinaire! I have not said this about one man, one artist before. The musicianship from the band at this performance was fantastic. Enough accolades??


I saw an interview and video on Go Vancouver, a Shaw TV local news current events show and it was a combo plug for the TD Vancouver International JAZZ Festival and Local artist David Ward who is appearing at several venues during the festival. The JAZZ Festival caught my attention but I was immediately drawn to David’s warm personality and incredible voice. Then listening to his music I was even more interested in seeing a whole set. Outdoor stage Georgia Street, Saturday. We had to be there. The sky was black early in the afternoon but it was as if when David and the band hit the stage all the clouds disappeared. Nothing but clear Blue sky and awesome Jazz, Rock  and Soul tunes to make everyone happy and Bam! The crowd was Dancing and singing and having a great time.

The band accompanying David was made of accomplished Jazz/Rock musicians.  Members of SoulStream, a very in demand group accompanied David Ward. Randall Stoll on drums, Karen Graves Sax and vocals, Chris Davis on the trumpet, Dawn Pemberton on stellar vocals, Mark Wilson keyboards,  Joseph Lubinsky-Mast played bass and Gavin Youngash on rhythm and lead guitar when David’s guitar string broke and the techs were replacing it. All shows have some hiccups and the show continued without any concern as David’s velvet vocals and smooth style carried the show as well as Soulstream were fantastic! You can’t play Jazz or Blues without a horn section. Karen Graves’ Sax and Chris Davis’ Trumpet added that special pizzazz!


Mark Wilson on keyboards with Dawn, Karen and Chris from SoulStream grooving in the back. Dawn has incredible vocals as does Karen when she isn’t playing the saxophone. Chris  Davis is amazing on the trumpet.

Gavin Youngash accompanied David on guitar.

SoulStream’s Randall Stoll on the Drums.

Joseph Lubinsky-Mast on Bass guitar.


Listening to David’s world travels and many adventures in exploring the diversity of all the music that this world of ours has to offer, and his education, it  has helped make his music, his poetry and incredible vocals in a class all his own.  In my opinion David is destined to be known to all. His CD ‘The Arrival’ is a must for everyone’s Jazz, Soul, Rock music collection. A new release is scheduled for November 2013. David has also a Canadian Tour and a UK Tour coming up. This follows an already successful tour in Japan and other Tours. If it’s meant for him to get his recognition at The TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival, it worked.

You can get more of David Ward and his music at www.davidwardmusic.com

David writes his own Lyrics and Music. Songs on his CD ‘The Arrival’ are:  The Arrival, No More Troubles Under The Sun, Lost In Translation, Alice Blue, Feel This Way, The Deepest Blue, Sweet Girl, Boat People, Joy

SETLIST  ( some songs are covers, didn’t get all the authors.)

No More Troubles Under The Sun

The Arrival

Boat People

In My Time Of Dying (  by Led Zeppelin)

Gun Smoke

Tomorrow never Knows ( Beatles Cover)

Bird in The Hand

Lost In Translation

Feel it Now

Ghost In The Woods (Dedication to a friend)


I Wanna make You Boogie


Going Down ( Donny Hathaway great 70’s soul singer)

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VMI’s Jeff Dawson and Mike Fraser Hosting The Gala Awards Night.

It was a special night in the music industry in B.C. Canada’s Loverboy won the award for contributions and achievements in the music industry in Vancouver. VMI, Vancouver Music Industry’s Mike Fraser and Jeff Dawson hosted the event which drew many industry greats.


Bruce Allen Introducing Loverboy and presenting the Bruce Allen/Sam Feldman Legend Award.


Bruce Allen presented the award, boasting how Loverboy had sold nearly 20 million albums worldwide. He described how he reacted to hearing their sample cassette back in 1979 and quickly signed them and had their first show booked opening for KISS at the Pacific Colosseum. Doug Johnson remembered , as did Paul Dean and Matt. They had not even played as a band in front of an audience yet. The rest is history. They are Loverboy. Absent from the awards was Mike Reno. Mike was recovering from recent knee surgery. We wish Mike a speedy recovery. I missed him. Also missing was the late Scott Smith, Loverboy’s original bass player. The band continued with the addition of Ken ‘Spider’ Sinnaeve. A long time friend from the Streetheart days. Have to keep the music Alive. Yeah Baby!

Matt, Paul and Doug of LOVERBOY accepting the Bruce Allen/Sam Feldman Legend Award Wednesday, April 10, 2013. Absent, Mike Reno, recovering from knee surgery and the Late Scott Smith, Loverboy’s original bassist.

The other winners this night was Ron O. Vermeulen of the John Vrtacic memorial award and this years first Unsung Hero award to Patrick Zulinov. All well deserved. All nominees were also well deserved. All have been so important to Vancouver’s music industry.


The crowd was having a fun night. Raising money for charities in Music Heals and The BC Music Charitable Foundations. Music heals , I Know. Poker , money wheel, raffles and the auction of great swag was used to raise money this year. Everyone had a great time.

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I know a bit about Sack Blabbath and these guys are great. You want great entertainment and a ROCKING SHOW , You have to see these guys LIVE !


Put this show on your to do list!

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Blues Greats Marshall Lawrence and James Boraski in Yellowknife N.T. Summer 2012

Marshall with his steel guitar 'Rosie'.Wow. What a treat ! Just taking the elevator and WHAM ! Blues Guitar Master and entertainer Marshall Lawrence . I recognised him from a picture. I had to say Hi and then I found out why he was in town. The Doctor Of The Blues and he had the medicine I needed.

James on acoustic guitar with Greg on Bass guitar.

“Yeah, we are at the Black Knight  tonight and at tomorrow’s fundraiser at the Folk On The Rocks Site.   ‘ Rock The Ribbon’ event. But if you want to catch us tonite, we are at the Top Knight.”  Marshall said to us.  Top Knight is The Black Knight’s Upstairs club. WOW , You bet! To see not only one of  Canada’s Top  Bluesmen but  with James Boraski too!

These two are touring western Canada and maybe all of Canada. Marshall Lawerence has been nominated for Top Blues awards Internationally.  The following is an excerpt from Marshall’s press information.

Maple Blues Award Nominee and Canadian Independent Music Award Nominee, Marshall Lawrence “Doctor of the Blues” is a true “Prairie Bluesman”. Marshall has been inducted into the Blues of Hall of Fame® as a Great Blues Artist from Canada. Marshall performs acoustic slide & finger-style blues and roots with a true and genuine blues feel. Marshall’s music is described as Neo-Delta Acid Blues & Roots – delta-style blues and roots with a raw edge & an acid twist. Marshall has been called a Neo-Delta visionary in Living Blues Magazine.


” A Neo Delta Blues Visionary !” it is said Marshall has become with his stellar style and Blues music.! I am drawn to his passion, his love for his craft. You can’t walk away or get tired of watching him perform. It’s beautiful Blues. Roots Delta Blues !

Jamming At The Top Knight with Marshall Lawrence August 24, 2012.

I am a fan of LIVE Entertainment. I get into the whole experience, The sound, the feel of the music as it affects my soul. Everyone has their own experience. The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin are Some of my favorite Rock bands that have their music rooted from great Blues Classics. Guitarists Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Eric Clapton are great Blues guitarists. In there is Marshall Lawrence. To know is to have seen him LIVE ! His style and musicianship is mesmermizing. It really does bring the old Blues great performers  to your mind when hearing and seeing Marshall play those Ol’ Delta Blues songs and his own hits. I like to close my eyes and get taken away with the music.


James Boraski is a great Blues guitarist and vocalist. James’s style is a little more reserved, Slow Blues, Northern Influences I call it.  Marshall is Energetic,  Neo Delta Blues is Marshall’s style. It’s the reason James and Marshall compliment their individual styles.


James  has been around the Western Canadian Blues scene also for several decades. Pure Canadiana at it’s Blues Roots best ! An intimate show at the Top Knight Club was such a surprise. Who would have known. It was a jam session you get a few times to attend. The Kitchen Jam session is  fun. To add your sound into the song and  jam as musicians like. It just gets better and more fun to see and be a part of as the set rocks on. Even just being from the audience. If you looked around everyone was jiving and right into the experience. We had an amazing night. The Delta Blues Canadian style ! Thanks James, Marshall and the rest of the band, Greg, Gary, Keith, Regan, Connie, Dana and Ryan on the  Sound board. If I missed anyone you all were having such a great time. I didn’t catch all your names up there. Thanks again for the experience. I can’t wait to see you again.

I get to write for some great events and about great artists. This one  is just from me to you.  We were in Yellowknife for my niece’s wedding. Lucky again !  I have written for the www.Province.com, www.Rockstarweekly.com , www.ticketmaster/reviews/python46 , to name a few publications. I also have my site, www.seeitlivecanada.ca

The Blues are the roots to all the great music. You have to Sing the Blues Baby !

See them LIVE Canada ! Rock and Roll !

Paul Fitzgerald

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