Blues Greats Marshall Lawrence and James Boraski in Yellowknife N.T. Summer 2012

Marshall with his steel guitar 'Rosie'.Wow. What a treat ! Just taking the elevator and WHAM ! Blues Guitar Master and entertainer Marshall Lawrence . I recognised him from a picture. I had to say Hi and then I found out why he was in town. The Doctor Of The Blues and he had the medicine I needed.

James on acoustic guitar with Greg on Bass guitar.

“Yeah, we are at the Black Knight  tonight and at tomorrow’s fundraiser at the Folk On The Rocks Site.   ‘ Rock The Ribbon’ event. But if you want to catch us tonite, we are at the Top Knight.”  Marshall said to us.  Top Knight is The Black Knight’s Upstairs club. WOW , You bet! To see not only one of  Canada’s Top  Bluesmen but  with James Boraski too!

These two are touring western Canada and maybe all of Canada. Marshall Lawerence has been nominated for Top Blues awards Internationally.  The following is an excerpt from Marshall’s press information.

Maple Blues Award Nominee and Canadian Independent Music Award Nominee, Marshall Lawrence “Doctor of the Blues” is a true “Prairie Bluesman”. Marshall has been inducted into the Blues of Hall of Fame® as a Great Blues Artist from Canada. Marshall performs acoustic slide & finger-style blues and roots with a true and genuine blues feel. Marshall’s music is described as Neo-Delta Acid Blues & Roots – delta-style blues and roots with a raw edge & an acid twist. Marshall has been called a Neo-Delta visionary in Living Blues Magazine.


” A Neo Delta Blues Visionary !” it is said Marshall has become with his stellar style and Blues music.! I am drawn to his passion, his love for his craft. You can’t walk away or get tired of watching him perform. It’s beautiful Blues. Roots Delta Blues !

Jamming At The Top Knight with Marshall Lawrence August 24, 2012.

I am a fan of LIVE Entertainment. I get into the whole experience, The sound, the feel of the music as it affects my soul. Everyone has their own experience. The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin are Some of my favorite Rock bands that have their music rooted from great Blues Classics. Guitarists Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Eric Clapton are great Blues guitarists. In there is Marshall Lawrence. To know is to have seen him LIVE ! His style and musicianship is mesmermizing. It really does bring the old Blues great performers  to your mind when hearing and seeing Marshall play those Ol’ Delta Blues songs and his own hits. I like to close my eyes and get taken away with the music.


James Boraski is a great Blues guitarist and vocalist. James’s style is a little more reserved, Slow Blues, Northern Influences I call it.  Marshall is Energetic,  Neo Delta Blues is Marshall’s style. It’s the reason James and Marshall compliment their individual styles.


James  has been around the Western Canadian Blues scene also for several decades. Pure Canadiana at it’s Blues Roots best ! An intimate show at the Top Knight Club was such a surprise. Who would have known. It was a jam session you get a few times to attend. The Kitchen Jam session is  fun. To add your sound into the song and  jam as musicians like. It just gets better and more fun to see and be a part of as the set rocks on. Even just being from the audience. If you looked around everyone was jiving and right into the experience. We had an amazing night. The Delta Blues Canadian style ! Thanks James, Marshall and the rest of the band, Greg, Gary, Keith, Regan, Connie, Dana and Ryan on the  Sound board. If I missed anyone you all were having such a great time. I didn’t catch all your names up there. Thanks again for the experience. I can’t wait to see you again.

I get to write for some great events and about great artists. This one  is just from me to you.  We were in Yellowknife for my niece’s wedding. Lucky again !  I have written for the, , www.ticketmaster/reviews/python46 , to name a few publications. I also have my site,

The Blues are the roots to all the great music. You have to Sing the Blues Baby !

See them LIVE Canada ! Rock and Roll !

Paul Fitzgerald

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