I Have To See It LIVE !

Jerry Doucette with Carter Low and Paul Fitzgerald

Getting to meet my childhood Icon Guitarist Jerry Doucette with his fellow Bluesman and Student, Carter Low BackStage at Canada Day Celebrations in Surrey, British Columbia Canada. July 1st, 2012. photo by Heather MacWilliam

Hi Everyone. I’m Paul Fitzgerald. It has been said I am The ultimate Super Fan! Live events, Concerts, Plays, Parades, Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, you name it, I have to see it live! This new Blog site is dedicated to the passion of the FANS and their experiences being witness to spectacular live concerts, sporting events and anything they see live! We encourage the Positive feelings to be expressed and agree not everyone has the same experience at a live show. Sometimes artists or athletes have a bad day. We all do. Constructive critism is always encouraged and profane language and expressions are strictly forbidden, well if it’s in  a positive context that can be allowed. Many positive feelings can be and have been expressed using mild profanity. Remember every action has an equal reaction. There is enough negativity in our world today. Need I say More?

Jerry Doucette and Carter Low

Jerry Doucette and Carter Low having a great time at Canada’a Birthday, July 1st 2012. Photo By Mark Peters

The artist or athlete will always tell you that in the end it’s the love of what they do that carries them. The term ‘ Starving or struggling” is how all of them have had to nurture and grow, or mature to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. I personally have had many setbacks in my life but with the help of friends and family have been able to make an effort to do something. I set out each day to try to accomplish one thing.

Music has saved me. I have quite the disability now which affects my vision and motor skills but I have persevered to write my reviews and be accepted in the community as someone who ‘Shares The Joy’. Trouble with bright lights, aching, watering eyes, driving at night, overcoming fatigue and always feeling dizzy to be able to sit and enjoy a great play, NHL Hockey game or my favorite, an amazing Rock Show! Things have been quite debilitating.
Since first writing this the dizziness has become worse unfortunately. The tremors have not , as I had hoped become any better. My vision the same.  Music has kept my spirits high!  Music has saved me from the darkness. New friends and old ones have been helping me. I recently as of 2013 have had strength trouble, the use of a cane is now my aid in staying active on some days. Everyone is getting to know me, I have been able to, on most occasions  a seat at most events. Standing too long has become an issue at events or the next day or days has been painful and both exhausting.
I wear dark sunglasses all the time and at events but to me it’s like seeing normal. I get to look Cool too! Many Thanks again to my dearest friends and family who have taken the time to share many positive experiences with me, drive me to not only seemingly endless Doctor appointments but also to these shows. I Love them so much for this. There IS Love in the world!

Ian Paice Longtime Drummer for Deep Purple. Great show at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre February 26, 2012. Photo by Paul Fitzgerald

So get out there and go to a show. Go down the block to your neighbourhood ballfield and watch the game that’s being played. Get passionate! See Your favorite artist when they come to town. Nothing Is Like Seeing It LIVE !
Contact also at seeitlivecanada@hotmail.com and seeitlivecanada@gmail.com I have had to disable the comment link due to spam as of November 10th 2013. Please email any comments and I will post them, Thanks Brothers and Sisters.
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4 Responses to I Have To See It LIVE !

  1. Heather MacWilliam says:

    Congrats Paul on your new website! Everyone will be excited to see and read your postings from your own experiences, as well as the shared ones of the LIVE community. Keep sharing the joy!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Heather. Thanks. Every Day Is an Adventure! I will keep Sharing The Joy !

  3. admin says:

    Hi Fabian. I realy don’t understand your language but I thank you very much for visiting my web site. The internet makes the world a very small place, Music is international!

    Please enjoy and I will strive to keep the website updated regularly. Cheers!

  4. admin says:

    Hi Corrie. Bodybuilding competitions is the LIVE experience. I was a bodybuider in my youth. When I joined the NAVY I became a bicycle racer. I competed in Puerto Rico. Being healthy is a good thing.
    Thank-you for visiting my site.
    Paul F.

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