Sturgis North has had 3 Amazing days of Motorcycles and Rock and Roll and More Great Events with 2 Days Left. Get to Vernon B.C.

These great Bikes is what it’s all about! Sturgis North 2012 !

The 2’nd Annual Sturgis North held this year at The Motoplex Speedway in Vernon British Columbia, Canada has had three days of fun, sun, a little rain last night, lots of great custom bikes, Babes, and of course great music entertainment. There is the trade show showcasing an array of customizing motorcycle and car businesses, food (with a covered picnic table area ), clubs, swag, and on and on.

Show’N Shine Baby!

1980 Goldwing, number 25 off the assembly line !  In immaculate condition, Well Done !


It’s a MOTORCYCLE RALLY AND MUSIC FESTIVAL that is destined to rival it’s American counterpart. The organizers have done an incredible job providing shuttle bus services from many of the local communities. Planning and preparation and support is what makesd a great rally !

Yesterday had some great talent back on Stage. Snake Oil Sinners started their show but the lightening storm cut it short. Seven Bridges was next. This Eagles Tribute band was fantastic. The sound, the style the music was as if we were hearing The Eagles last night. These artists know how to please the crowd. I especially liked the talk box used, just like Joe Walsh’s.

Seven Bridges is an Incredible Eagles Tribute band !

Kim Mitchell hit the stage at 8pm. What a trip down memory lane! The music of Kim Mitchell ( Max Webster ) will continue to make people happy for long time. Thank-you Kim !

Let’s go For a Soda!

Kim Mitchell has always been a crowd pleaser from his Max Webster Days. I was blown away when he played three Max Webster tunes in his set last night. A Million Vacations, High Class in Borrowed Shoes and Battle Scar. Wow. His solo hits, Patio Lanterns, All We Are and Go For A Soda are other great ones performed last night. An hour and a half of great Kim Mitchell! Thanks for everything, I mean everything! Great music, great entertainment and of course, Your autograph means the most from an artist that keeps me in my youth. Just like all the bands I will see this weekend. We know all the words to the music of our eternal youth. Your music will live on forever!

Brian Howe, Formerly of Bad Company with his band singing many great Bad Company hits. Brian had 4 great Lp’s with Bad Company from 1986 to 1994.

The headliner last night was Brian Howe formerly from Bad Company. Again this show was amazing! I didn’t say it yet but the bands and us audience members braved a downpour to see these great performers. Their passion was evident just the same as ours was to see them. Brian displayed great admiration for our perserverance in staying to see his band. ” I’d be home on the couch right now if I was you” He said to us. I yelled back ” But Brian, your here with us!” He would not have it any other way. He is a dedicated, passionate artist with the desire to  ” Share the Joy ” . These musicians know it’s the pleasure of their music and the whole LIVE entertainment of their talent that keeps them and us going to the shows. The talent on the stages last night again was Over The Top. To make it that much more special it was Brian Howe’s Birthday. Did he say 29. No 40, no 42……You know we are all 17 again listening to these great hits from MY generation. OK, I’m 49, I Rocked to Max Webster and Bad Company since I started going to concerts in 1976. Yeah Baby, 13 years  old.

Amazing voice with an astounding stage presence. Brian Howe’s show last night was more than a rock show, it was an insight to the man behind the music. In the rain and the adverse elements with the whole show ( Rain can be such a show stopper ) everyone’s positive attitude showed through and we all had an incredibly great time. Thank-you Brian, Thank -you Sturgis North’s Production Crew.


Bad company had hit after hit after hit. Feel Like Making Love, Bad Company, Holy Water, Ready for Love were some performed last night.  Brian Howe’s Bad Company’s first Album was  Fame and Fortune. After the show, Brian came over to the entrance, we talked a while and he autographed my Fame and Fortune LP. He was fatigued, they flew in from Florida that morning and were  on a flight at 6am again back to Florida today. It’s the Passion, love for the music and the fans. This is why they do it. I Have To See It Live Baby!

The weather today is going to be sunny and hot! The shows are going to Rock You all day long ! Come on over to Vernon, B.C. Two great day’s left for Sturgis North Canada.

See you There !


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