The Mighty One with Guests, Axiom, Celestial Ruin and Kicked Off The Farm at The Red Room Ultra Bar July 7’th 2012

By Paul Fitzgerald,  Photographs by Paul Fitzgerald

Last weekend at The Red Room I saw four great bands. A show put together by Clyde Hill.  Kicked off the Farm opened the show and right away I was rocking to some great Grunge style Rock. Their original music was fantastic.

Kicked off the Farm Kicked off Clyde Hill’s Show at The Red Room July 7th 2012 in Vancouver, B.C.

Celestial Ruin Rocked the Rafters at The Red Room. This Is MIke Degenais on Bass Guitar, Nate on Keyboards, Adam on Drums, Larissa on Vocals. Not in picture Yakir on Lead Guitar.

Yakir playing some amazing riffs.

Next, Celestial Ruin , a Symphonic Metal Rock group with lead singer Larissa Dawn,  performed another stellar set. They performed their new song, ‘Sense Of Exile’. It will be Another great hit. They  played a great cover of a Cranberries Tune, ZOMBIE. I was a big fan of them in the 90’s. You have to get their new CD ‘ The Awakening’ Celestial Ruin is going on a mini tour to promote their new CD and kicking off their tour August 17, 2012 at Joes Apartment. Check out their Facebook page for details.

Cole Prichard and Axiom

Axiom . A Powerful Rock Band From Vancouver, B.C.

Axiom. A powerful Rock Band From Vancouver, B.C. Canada

The talent didn’t stop there. Axiom, a powerful Rock, alternative band with Cole Prichard as lead vocalist Rocked the Red room for a powerful Set.  Axiom is one of my new favorites to experience LIVE! Cole’s powerful lyrics with the great original music they have written, puts on an exciting set.  I am also a huge fan of Pink Floyd and their cover of another Brick in The Wall is very well Done!

Lorne Seaton and Tim Steinruck of The Mighty One

The Mighty One headlined Clyde Hill’s show at The Red Room July 7th 2012

The headliner The Mighty One with Tim Steinruck on Vocals and guitar and as main songwriter is an example of stellar talent and song writing abilities. There is such emotion and creativity in the lyrics and music. Feel The Shift, the Theme for this tour and to promote the new CD ‘ SHIFT “The Mighty One has recently released. Their tour was already in Eastern Canada, Quebec, Toronto etc. Commanding heavy guitar and words to music meant to awaken the conscious and maybe subconscious minds to The Mighty One! Hearing the music is one thing but the real experience is in Seeing It Live ! WOW, What a night.

Chris Campbell

The Mighty One’s Chris Campbell on Bass Guitar.

Many thanks to my old and dear friends, Heather for the rides, Adam Todd, Yakir, Nate and Mike and Larissa from Celestial Ruin, Clyde Hill for putting the show together, new friends, Dale Salive from Uncle Sid, Matt MacMartin of Kicked off The Farm, Tim Steinruck for the insight to his thoughts and powerful licks.  And Axiom with Cole Prichard and the members of Axiom and the crew that is behind Axiom. It was a fun night!

The Mighty One

The Mighty One

Cole Prichard from Axiom

Celestial Ruin’s Adam Todd on Drums, Larissa Dawn , Vocals and Yakir Biton on Lead Guitar


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  1. Thunder says:

    Awesome review.. keep up the good work!!!

  2. mel says:

    the show kicked ass every band performed great…..good time all around…cheers

  3. admin says:

    Thanks. It was another great show. Nothing beats a great LIVE show.

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